Designer's Profile


Designer of three jewellery brands and one bouquet brand: jg, jewel G, jewel GLAMOUR active, Ray de Rei

CEO of Diamondeyes Studio Co., Ltd.

While working in the apparel and advertising industries,

she started fostering a love for jewellery and decided to pursue her passion

to establish her own brand “jewelGLAMOUR” in 1999.

Started her own salon in 2003,

and opened a boutique in Roppongi Hills in 2013.

Whilst her expertise is in jewellery, she designed almost everything

from the boutique interior to the brand graphics.

She has an established reputation in coordinating jewellery and fashion,

and her passionate eloquence also appeals to her aspirational and fashion-savvy female fans.

Published her own book “Acquired Beauty” in 2016.

Moved the boutique to Minami Aoyama and updated the brand name to “jg” to further explore the world of fine jewellery.